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It’s amazing what a little art can do for your home and also for your soul.  My house makes me so happy because I am surrounded by beautiful art created by friends and family.  I’m also surrounded by art that makes me smile and reminds me of a trip to another country or to the local flea market.  Art doesn’t have to be expensive.

My degree is in Criminal Justice, which cracks me up.  I’m the biggest scardy cat in the world.  The first day of my internship at the police department, I hid in the floorboard of the cruiser while the police officer I was riding along with pursued a perp on foot. I did take an art appreciation course in college, which I loved.  I couldn’t wait to go to that class (duh switch majors)!  The art instructor encouraged us to start an art collection.  It didn’t have to be an expensive, high-end collection, but one with pieces that inspired us and brought feelings of happiness and joy.  These are words I never forgot.
I have lots of special and meaningful pieces of art around my house.  My husband jokes that we are going to have to start hanging things on the ceiling.  Most of the pieces in my collection cost under $25.00.  Here are a few ways you can incorporate art into your home without breaking the budget:
1.  Thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat Restore. etc.) are great places to find art, probably where the majority of my art comes from!
2.  Fairs, art festivals, and farmers markets usually feature budding artists.  I love to support local artists by buying a piece of art from them.  This encourages and supports them and makes them want to create more.  It meant the world to me when someone would buy something from me.
3.  Two words….Flea Market
4.  Yard sales are my favorite place to find artwork.  Where else can you get a framed original painting for $2.00?
5.  My kids are my favorite artists!  I have their art framed with cheap frames from IKEA and it looks like expensive fancy gallery art!
6.  When you travel pick up a little piece of art as your souvenir.
5.  You can also try your own hand at creating art.  Painting over a canvas you already have, taking photos of your kids, cutting letters our of newspaper to create words, framing pieces of your favorite material in embroidery hoops, the possibilities are endless.  Just get on Pinterest, find something that inspires you, and give it a try.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Some of my favorite pieces of art that I created started out as mistakes.
Happy Saturday  xoxoxo Angela
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  1. christina britt lewis May 13, 2014 at 12:37 am #

    ohmygoodness, i had not read this before i wrote today’s blog. we are just overflowing with kindred spiritiness. LOVE this. LOVE your art. LOVE that i own YOUR art. LOVE LOVE LOVE… um, are you packed yet?

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