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I follow the tiny twig on instagram.  I love her.  She has been such an inspiration in my life.  About 7 years ago when I first starting going to church again (I took a long break from anything God during college and my 20’s)  I signed up for a women’s bible study.  My first morning there, we split into groups and Haley was introduced as our leader for a Francis Chan book we were going to be studying.  I still remember what Haley was wearing that morning.  She had on the cutest top made out of some of the same fabric I had at home.  I was all like “I love your shirt” and she was all like “thanks I made it!”  I fell in love with her instantly.  I was a little skeptical about her being our group leader because she looked like she was twelve.  How was I going to learn something from someone half my age?  especially about God.  Did young 20 somethings really have a relationship with God?  Weren’t they out partying every night and sleeping in on Sunday mornings?

That bible study changed my life.  Haley changed my life.  Her words, her prayers, her wise and gentle thoughts about God and who he was and that he loves us no matter what we had done in our pasts changed how I thought about God and myself.  I remember sharing with the group on our last day that when I first started the class I was like an alley cat.  All hungry and rough looking and rough feeling, tired from lack of sleep and lack of peace.  I was totally on edge and would get spooked if anyone tried to get too close.  By the end of that bible study I was like a kitten, peaceful, purring, warm, curled up in a cat bed, asleep with a full belly of milk.  Yes most of the girls giggled at my little cat comparison, especially since I don’t like cats, but they understood the change that had occurred in my heart.

So that is my Haley story.  She posted this on instagram the other morning and inspired the kids and I to make our own summer list!!


button bird designs

Here’s my list for this summer!!!

button bird designs

Lilly’s list (this photo cracks me up!!  She had been awake for all of two minutes when I started in on her about holding her list so I could write my blogpost!!!)

button bird designs


Little Wes’s list



I think #9 is my favorite!


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2 Responses to summer lists

  1. Laura June 16, 2014 at 4:35 pm #

    Ha! My summer list includes trying to avoid #9 whenever possible! Love your simple, easy-living lists.

    • angela June 17, 2014 at 12:25 pm #

      hahahaha! I know right! That cracked me up! When I asked him why he wanted to sweat, he said well mom if I’m sweating that means Im outside playing instead of inside playing xbox. Makes sense to me!!!!!

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