The omelet shop brawl.

This blog is about DIY, trash to treasure, art, decorating, photography and all things crafty.  But it’s also about life and stories and funny things that happen to us along the way.  This story happened many years ago, but still gets brought up often.  It’s about me and my husband getting arrested.  Together.  How romantic.

Grab a cup of coffee, this is a long one.

I received my college degree in Criminal Justice.  Yes me, the one who is too chicken to watch scary movies, jumps and screams at a snap of a twig under foot, the one that hates to sleep alone because I just know someone is standing outside my window ready to kill me in my sleep.  One who is too scared to swim in the lake because of sharks…oh wait that has nothing to do with this.  Yep I got a degree in Criminal Justice because I was sure I wanted to be a cop and then go on to the FBI or ATF or anything else where I got to carry a gun and hunt serial killers.  In high school I read every true crime book I could get my hands on and didn’t miss a single episode of COPS.  Piles of books about Charles Manson, Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy were scattered around my room as a teenager and probably scared my parents to death.  I’m sure my parents were happy that I developed a great love of reading, but I’m sure the subject material made them just a little nervous.  In 10th grade English class, a classmate told me I was a freak because I always had my Big Book of Serial Killers Encyclopedia hidden behind my Lit book.

Button Bird Designs Owl Pillow

While I was busy being fascinated with sociopaths, my creative side was starting to emerge and so was my love of art.  In high school I shopped at goodwill before it was cool, and while my friends slept in on the weekends, I was out hitting yard sales.  I remember my first large purchase at goodwill, a $2.00 lamp that I painted gold and glued beads all over.  That glorious lamp sparked something deep inside my heart.  Oh how I wish I still had that lamp.  I bought my prom dress at a thrift shop and when my girlfriends asked WHYYYY GROSSS, my reply was because it was $3.00 WHAT A DEAL!!!!  I remember seeing someone digging in a dumpster and I thought what a brilliant idea.  My mom took me to craft shows and I was completely fascinated by the things people could create with their hands.  I loved paint, and decorating, and art, and all things junk.

Button Bird Designs Owl Pillow

Time for college.  Do I choose the art route, or do I chose Criminal Justice.  Do I make the right decision.  OF COURSE I DON’T!!

In college I took some art classes and some Criminal Justice classes and partied more than studied.  Priorities during that time were wayyyyy out of wack, but that’s ok, I’ve learned from my mistakes.  It comes time to pick a major.  I love art, but what would I do with it?  I love crime, not committing it, but sooo interested in the criminal mind, what motivates them, how does a person commit murder without feeling regret or guilt!!?!?  I failed to mention there was also this guy that I had a major crush on who was majoring in Criminal Justice. So Criminal Justice it was.  Degree based on a boy.  Yes priorities out of wack.

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Right before graduation I did my internship with the police department.  It was late one night almost at the end of my internship when I was doing a ride along with one of the police officers.  We got a call to a very bad part of town for a potential break and enter.  It was dark, and scary, and who the hell knew what or who was out there in the night running around with a knife or a gun or something that would cause me some serious bodily harm.  The officer driving, threw the car into park, jumped out into the dark not knowing what to expect.  It was there in the floorboard of the cruiser where I hid that I realized I had made the wrong decision and should have gone with art.  Dang that cute boy.

Fast forward several months. I graduated, I had started dating my high school sweetheart (future husband) again, and moved back to my hometown, Bristol VA.  I landed a job as a Loss Prevention Officer at Super Wal-Mart.  THE WORST JOB EVER.  Basically I walked around a giant, huge, SUPER Wal-Mart 8 hours a day, 5 days a week pretending to shop.  Only I wasn’t shopping, I was looking for people shoplifting.  I was really good at catching shoplifters, no one ever suspected a 22-year-old girl with wild curly hair and cut up jeans to be a loss prevention security officer!!!   The only female on a male team, my numbers of shoplifters caught in my district were the highest each month,  and let me just tell you, them good ole boys on my team hated it, which made me work even harder!

Button Bird Designs Owl Pillow

One day on the job, I was saw this huge, burly, scary, mean looking guy stuffing something into his giant coat pocket.  I continued to followed him and saw him stuff more merchandise down his pants.  I got on my radio and informed the management I would need help apprehending this one.  It took several of us to get him under control and into the security room to wait for the police to arrive.  While we waited he kept looking at me.  He knew I was the one who had watched him.  He knew I was the one who followed him and called for back up.  I was the one who had him arrested and sent to jail.  Yeah I didn’t sleep well that night.  You see Bristol is not that big of a town and the chances I would run into my huge, burly, scary, mean looking friend again were pretty good.

And it happened.  It was 1:30 in the morning on New year’s Eve night or morning or whatever day it was after the eve part.  My future husband, my future sister-in-law (his sister), one of my best friends and I left a party and decided it was time to eat.  You know 1:30 in the morning is the perfect time to grab breakfast at the local Omelet Shop.  The Omelet Shop is a lot like a Waffle House only a lot rougher and a lot greaser and was packed this New Year’s morning.  Looking back on it, probably not the safest place to be.  Remember I’m 22 in this story and still not making the best decisions.

Button Bird Designs Owl Pillow

Future hubby, future sister-in-law, and best friend and I grabbed a booth and sat down.  As we were looking over the menu, I happened to see out of the corner of my eye someone who looked familiar.  It took me a second and then my eyes meet his and I realized it was my huge, burly, scary, mean looking friend from Wal-Mart.  He was with several of his even bigger and meaner looking friends and he recognized me right off.  Before I could say anything to anyone he smiled a bit, walked right over to me and knocked me out cold.  Punched me right in the face and laid me out right in the middle of the Omelet Shop.  I don’t really remember what happened next because I was knocked out on the floor, but from what I’ve been told, my future husband jumped across the table and tackled huge, burly, scary,mean man, and the then the whole Omelet Shop erupted into a huge brawl where everyone was fighting everyone, food was flying everywhere, dishes were breaking, and my future sister-in-law was standing on the table kicking mean men in the head with her Doc Marten Boots.  I do not lie.

So the police were called, huge, burly, scary, mean looking guy and his friends were arrested, and there was an article in the paper the next day recapping all the horrible details with our names and everything.  I thought I might just die.  I wish that was where the story ended but it’s not.  Huge, burly, scary, mean looking guy got out of jail and then file charges against me and my future husband.  So we were arrested for fighting him. Luckily when everything came out about me being the loss prevention officer who had him arrested, all charges were dropped against me and my hubby, and restitution was paid for my doctor bills and days I missed from work.  I had a big, phat black eye for a while.  The only other time I’ve had a black eye was several years ago.  While at a party, I tripped down a couple of stairs and landed face first in the spinach dip I was carrying, hitting my eye on the corner of the bowl.   Yeah, NOOOOOBODY laughed at that, said very sarcastically.

Button Bird Designs Owl Pillow

I quit my loss prevention job soon after the Omelet Shop brawl.  To this day I still get a little sick to my stomach shopping at a Wal-Mart.  If you run into me in one such establishment and I look a little like a deer in headlights, now you know why.  It might be a good idea to buy me a coke and get me the hell out of there.  My future husband and I packed up what little we had and moved down to Charleston, SC where we spent our first days there looking for jobs, hanging at the beach, and eating lots seafood.  I landed a job at the SouthEastern Wildlife Art Exposition and never looked back.  I’ve been pursuing my love of art ever since.  And I haven’t read a true crime book in 17 years.

So when I hear the theme song from COPS…. Bad Boys, Bad Boys whatcha gonna do…  I reflect on the moral of this story…..sometimes the huge, burly, scary, mean storms in our life might just be God rescuing us and setting us back on the right track.

And that was why I was arrested.  Dang, I feel like I need to win the giveaway.  The End.

And the winner of the Button Bird Giveaway is Tlynfrank!!!  If you didn’t win and would like your very own owl pillow, use the code omeletshopbrawl for 20% all owl pillows in my Etsy Shop!!!

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10 Responses to The omelet shop brawl.

  1. Rebecca October 11, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    That is the BEST story I’ve read in a long time! Scary, but hilarious! Thanks for sharing!! And a great lesson that maybe we should follow our dreams more. I think I’ll let my teenagers read it. My dad always said if you love your job, you will never “go to work.”

    Have a great day!!

    • angela October 11, 2013 at 11:50 am #

      Ohhhh I totally agree with your dad! I love my job so much now that my husband is always saying no one should be that excited about going to work!!
      Thanks you Rebecca for your comment, it was one of those stories that you wonder if you should have put out there or not!!

  2. caroline October 11, 2013 at 1:21 pm #

    that is the BEST story i’ve read in a long time. wow! i cannot believe that guy just walked up to you and punched you in the face! wow. oh – get this. i graduated from the university of maryland with a degree in criminal justice! crazy! we’re meant to be friends. maybe we could be crime fighters together, hah! no one would suspect the sweet looking curly haired ladies! LOL! see you soon!!

    • angela October 21, 2013 at 3:11 am #

      So Caroline I was thinking….maybe they may need a security team at Allume!?!? We could totally head that up! haahahaha! Can not wait to hang with you in 3 days! Crazy!! Oh have I mentioned I am a complete freak in social situations and like to hid in my room a lot:) More on that in another email! hahaha!

  3. Laurel October 12, 2013 at 12:07 am #

    Best. Story. Ever. And my daughter – who SHOULD be an Art major but is a Marketing major (less scary than Criminal Justice but just as wrong for her) – is definitely going to be reading this! Hopefully no one will have to punch her in the face to get her on the right track, but sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways….you just never know what He has planned next!

    • angela October 21, 2013 at 3:08 am #

      Amen to that Laurel!! If your daughter doesn’t read the blog post have her call me. I will set her straight!!!!;)

  4. Gwen October 12, 2013 at 5:37 am #

    Oh. My. Goodness. I kid you not. There are sirens screaming as I write. Dogs are now howling….more sirens….ummm….I’m maybe 1.75 miles from WalMart. You don’t suppose?????
    Your story was a doozy. It read like a true crime comic book. Like I was there. Arrested!!!!! And cleared. I’m glad your knight defended your shiner and that you were alright in the end!!! You have led one wild ride girl!!!! I’d have moved too. Far far away from that burly guy. And get a bit nervous in Wallyworld too.
    Thank you for another great biographical glimpse into the saga of Miss Button’s life!!!

  5. Gwen October 12, 2013 at 5:46 am #

    Oh PS. We all took a criminology class at night because the teacher, a handsome lawyer who did not know it, and talked about his wife and how he’d let us out early but never did…held us young college girls total attention because we couldn’t take our eyes off of him!!! And because all the girls took the class, all the guys took the class and walked us to and from class for the criminology classes were held off the beaten path and we really did need their protection so we led them on with our sweet Yes walk us to class smiles. What a sweet memory of (oh now the sheriff helicopter is circling overhead…I tell ya, no place is safe! Glad two sheriffs bought the house across the street and drive their cars home!!). Ummm I never went on to really fight much crime either. Oh well!!! Almost forgot that part of university life!!! But I did NOT get arrested!!!

  6. Sara Lewinski October 13, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

    OMG Angela! That is scary and hilarious all wrapped up into one! Weird thing is I too was and still am obsessed with reading true crime and books about serial killers. Another thing we have in common! My friends and co-workers always tease and call me a weirdo for all the crazy books and T.V. programs I watch. If you still like that kind of stuff you should watch Dexter on showtime. It is about a serial killer who kills serial killers. Maybe you already do though. Awesome show and just ended but my husband and I watch it through Netflix. I am so glad you went with Art in the end! That is exactly where you belong. Using your talents and sharing your ideas with the world. Peace and love, Sara

    • angela October 21, 2013 at 3:05 am #

      Hey girl!
      Why yes I am the biggest Dexter fan ever!!!! I loved that show but have to say I was pretty disappointed with the last show! Not sure if you have gotten that far so I will so no more! My brother looks just like Dexter!! I mean it is scary how much they look alike. People call him Dexter! His wife also looks like Rita and we have been trying for the last couple of years to get them to dress up like them for Halloween! haahaha!
      lots of love to you friend!

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